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The Therapy Book

The Therapy Book is a unique health guide containing full and comprehensive information and guidance on well over 200 alternative health therapies from aromatherapy to zero balancing. The information in this e-book is easily searchable, uses plain language and is organised into easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks and, apart from it being a very handy manual for everyone who wants to know how to stay healthy naturally, it's also an invaluable tool for the complementary therapist who wishes to widen their knowledge and expertise in the field of alternative health, as well as a simple means for continuous professional development.


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut explains how shamans in Neolithic times were in touch with the spirits of the land, and so were able to transmit their wisdom to the king or pharaoh in sacred sex rites during his coronation night. These became known as the Sovereignty rites, because they fired up the king's higher brain centres, giving him a superior intelligence and thus the ability and the right to reign. In this book, Annie explains how we can also practice this shamanic sexual healing or sex magic today, for self-empowerment and increased wisdom, and she lays out some simple exercises.


The Bright World of the Gods

A real faery tale from the mists of Avalon by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, this book will transport you into a magical and enchanted world of the spirits of the land who inhabit the other dimensions permeating the Vale of Avalon, in Somerset, England. These spirits are known locally as the Gentle Folk, or the Fae, although you might know them better as faeries. They wanted you to know about them, and so this is a romantic adventure story about a benevolent Elder race whose role it is to guide the steps of humanity.


The Grail Mysteries

The Grail Mysteries by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is about a middle-aged prostitute in 5th century Britain who discovers that she comes from a long line of hierodules, and is thus a true queen of the Blessed Isles. As we follow her awakening, we also benefit from the Virgo Teachings that she receives and, in this way, we learn that a true queen is not necessarily one who is anointed with oil on her forehead by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is one who carries the faery blood and who is anointed by the nectars that flow from the actions of the black and gold serpents during shamanic sex magic with the divine.


Lord of the Dance

This book is packed full of powerful spiritual teachings, based upon ancient Indian Vedic principles, which the author, Ishtar Babilu Dingir, learned from the guru Sathya Sai Baba whilst following his 'cosmic caravan' around southern India. This epic journey is saturated with the sights, sounds and smells of spiritual India - from spices and incense to sitars and tablas - as we take in the surreal Kathakala dancers from Kerala, the ancient temple of the fish-eyed goddess Meenakshi at Madurai, and the Dravidian-style beach temples of Mahabalipuram that the gods had tried to drown. Lord of the Dance also emboldens and inspires the reader to make their own inner journey into the world of myth and mystery.