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Kiddyology Essences

Kiddyology flower essences have been designed by sound healer Colin Kingshott have been designed, sculptured and manifested to empower children - but grown-ups can ask their children for permission to use them!

They're a wonderful support for toddlers, children and parents because they're preserved in vegetable glycerol which gives a sweet taste, are thus are gentle and safe, alcohol-free - and, like most flower essences, there are no known contra-indications. We're proud to be able to help support and inspire our children of today with our essences, and to aid them ease their pain and discomfort as they go into adulthood.

Learn more here about the benefits of each Kiddyology Essence

Each one comes in an alcohol base, but if you'd prefer an alcohol-free, glycerine-based product, just Email Us and we'll get you sorted out!