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Shop GMO-Free in the UK

If you want to know foods in British supermarkets contain GM ingredients, you are in exactly the right place. Shop GMO-Free in the UK gives you full and comprehensive information on the GM status of thousands of foods across hundreds of brands on sale in the UK today, and it's FREE.


Why you need this app

Shop GMO Free in the UK is the first app in Britain today to provide easily searchable, at-a-glance information about the GM-status of thousands of everyday foods across hundreds of brands.

What they're not telling you...

You're probably not aware that GM foods are slowly being introduced into UK supermarkets, some from America.

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Through a mix of EU legislation and backroom deals with the biotech industries, it's becoming increasingly clear that the government, which ever party is in power, has sold out to the demands of the big biotech giants. This is despite the fact that many scientifically-controlled tests have proven that GM foods can cause:

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